Gooch & Housego.

Gooch & Housego

G&H is a photonics technology business with OEM customers worldwide, providing optical systems, assemblies and components for demanding applications, often for deployment in harsh environments. AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE Supplying mission-critical technology for laser, sensing, and imaging applications under at a sea, on land, in the air, and in space. Our optical systems, components and assemblies are used in a broad range of offensive and defensive applications. INDUSTRIAL AND TELECOM From laser pulse control for materials processing, to sensing and undersea communications, we have a reputation for producing photonics components and assemblies of the highest specification and quality. LIFE SCIENCES AND BIOPHOTONICS Medical systems and instrumentation OEMs rely on us as a vertically integrated one stop resource for components, systems and assemblies. We provide solutions for medical imaging, surgical systems, critical care and laboratory applications.